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Our Story

Experts for over 20 years

BIESSE is a company specialising in the production and distribution of ecological surface protection. It all began in 2005 when, Bianco Salvatore, the company's founder, patented PAVPRO: an innovative and revolutionary product that marked the birth of the concept of temporary surface protection.

This is how the slogan 'Better to protect than to clean' came about, almost as a joke: a simple but powerful message, which soon turned into a real product sector, that of temporary surface protection, which today counts, after 20 years in business, over 1500 active and satisfied customers. 


Strength and determination are the main cornerstones of our corporate vision, as they enable us to fulfil one of our fundamental promises: to meet the needs of consumers. How? By offering high quality standards combined with clear and transparent business relationships with our customers.

We believe that profitable growth must also be responsible, which is why we pursue a low-impact business model and work to create a long-term sustainable business. 

Company 4.0

Circular Economy

State-of-the-art machinery

A company that looks to the future

Innovation, growth and continuous improvement: these are the cornerstones that for more than 20 years have fuelled BIESSE's desire to invest exclusively in innovative equipment and high-quality raw materials to create unique products that meet the needs of each of our customers.

Since the invention of the PAVPRO Mono Sheet, the company has continuously invested in research and development of products suitable for each individual professional sector. In keeping with the "think green", the company's life motive, the production facilities have been improved year after year, enabling us to reduce waste and energy consumption and maximise production times, while also facilitating teamwork at all stages of production.

Thanks to the application of these recent innovations, BIESSE has been able to guarantee better efficiency in all its business processes, autonomously predicting the degree of production failure and putting in place timely self-repair actions. Radical changes inspire fear and perplexity, but we at BIESSE Protezioni are always ready to get involved, especially when it comes to innovation.

Think green: from nature to nature

Today, it is not enough to evaluate the cost of a manufactured product at the moment it is made, but it is necessary to evaluate the cost in relation to its life cycle. Choosing a BIESSE-branded product helps to preserve our territory: less C02 emissions, less climate warming and more attention to eco-sustainability.

In fact, BIESSE supports the circular economy system and the conversion process called 'think green: from nature to nature', according to which the raw material is able to sustain a complete life cycle and be fully recovered and then reconverted again into raw material.

To give a concrete example, as much as 92% of our articles are produced from totally recycled Italian raw materials. We aim to increase this percentage in the coming years.

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