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The real strength of BIESSE

We are a young, dynamic company that is able to take on new challenges every day and move the bar higher and higher in the goals that the company strives to achieve year after year.

Since 1998, the year of its foundation, BIESSE has never stopped growing and improving, both from the point of view of technological innovation, becoming Company 4.0, and from the point of view of environmental sustainability, embracing the circular economy system and the conversion process called 'think green: from nature to nature'.

To date, as much as 92% of BIESSE branded articles are produced from totally recycled Italian raw materials. We aim to reach 100% in the coming years.

Our strengths:






Vincenzo, Carmine, David and Alessandro, together with the production line team, take care of every aspect, from design to production of BIESSE-branded products.

We show, in a transparent manner, who we are and how we do it. We do not delegate anyone else in the direct customer relationship. It may seem demanding, and it is, but every sacrifice always bears fruit.

This is our crew, united by three common thoughts: desire to do, work hard and achieve goals, without ever giving up two fundamental elements: grit and a smile.

This is the secret that makes an organisation a truly successful team. 


Vincenzo Bianco

Owner & CEO

He drives the company's growth and sets the overall direction in all aspects of Biesse's operations. Before taking the reins at Biesse, Vincenzo worked his way up through the ranks, starting as a factory worker where he examined every single aspect of production. Having a solid grounding in the production process, he was able to channel this knowledge into sales, giving him a 360 degree view of the possibilities and limitations applicable in sales.

Carmine White

Plant Manager

Carmine is responsible for Biesse's entire production process and plans, controls and coordinates the company's production activities to optimise resources and performance. Carmine is physically present in the company so that he is available to solve any last minute problems and to monitor the cooperation between human resources, machinery and equipment. Together with Vincenzo, he started the growth of Biesse.

Alessandro Laurenza

Administrative Manager

Alessandro sets the strategic and technical direction for the product line and supervises all administrative, financial and accounting services of Biesse. He analyses company objectives and, more concretely, the distance between them and the company's actual achievements. In Biesse since 2016, Alessandro has contributed to the company rebranding, creating a new face for the company.

David De Martino

Production & logistics manager

David is responsible for production and logistics, organises the sorting, handling and storage of goods, schedules purchases, manages warehouse stocks and coordinates the activities of warehouse workers. Thanks to him, Biesse has been able to perfect the process of warehouse rotation, coordinating in detail the relationship with carriers and customers.